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‘All healing is essentially the release from fear’ – A Course in Miracles

Originally a qualified social worker, I spent most of my 20s trying to fit into the system, working an office based 9-5 in one of the most stressful jobs there is. A personal crisis of sorts led me to eventually make the decision to leave this career path as I could see it was destroying my health and spirit. Following this, I experienced a sort of dark night of the soul where I felt lost without direction.

I initially tried reiki as I was seeking healing for myself, and then before long I knew it was a path I wanted to follow, and progression through the training to become a reiki master was a natural step for me.

My experience with reiki has been transformational. It has been largely responsible for a deeper spiritual development within me and has taught me how to have love for myself, and to bring happiness and greater inner peace to my daily experience.

If we have the ability to find peace within, then we are not a victim of our circumstances in life, and I believe this is a great and powerful gift; to find peace no matter what is happening outside of ourselves.

…Of course all of this takes practice and commitment! They say the journey towards enlightenment is long, be sure to bring snacks!

Like everyone, I am a continuing work in progress. But I now look at challenges as opportunities to grow and reach greater understanding, so I continue along this life journey with an affirmation to choose love instead of fear at every crossroads. And it is this return to love; return to myself, that has made all the difference.

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