Indian Head Massage


Do you ever hold your head in your hands when you’re feeling stressed or tense? This is an intuitive movement. Your head is full of energy centres and acupressure points! You are trying to soothe yourself.

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system that understands the relationship between our physical bodies and energy.

This technique involves massage to the neck, shoulders, upper back, face and scalp using a mixture of soothing and stimulating movements.

The numerous physical benefits of this type of massage include relief of muscle tension, increased circulation and improved lymphatic drainage which aids the body’s detoxification, to name a few.

Indian Head Massage also promotes energy balance within the body and helps release stagnant energy residing in the upper chakras around our head and shoulders, where we hold a great deal of our tension.

Have you ever noticed when your head is full of racing thoughts, you often experience a headache? Your body talks to you all the time, and everything is interrelated.

This lovely treatment compliments reiki beautifully. For treatment options, see ‘Treatments’ tab.

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